Fedi is the most strange thing in the world.

On normal social media, you write a message and people just ignore it forever.

Here, you write a message, it stays ignored for 1 or 2 years, and then all of a sudden, for no reason, with no explanation, someone finds it somehow, boosts it, and it gets 200 likes and 120 boosts.

What the fuck.

I'm sure someone will boost this message in 2021 or 2022.

The IT crowd is a great show.
Saw two eff stickers in the show Most normal non computer people might not understand the show but I think its funny.

Anyone know any way I can make my website easily available on both http and gemini?
Don't want to write my website in gemtext would prefer I write it in html. I could just rewrite my page in gemtext and then copy my posts to gemini but that takes very long to do and then my gemini site might not be updated much.
I had a look at kiln but till I figure out how to generate both in html and gemini I don't want to use it.

plan9 based os 9front running in a vm customized with a great wallpaper

joke company I thought of 

JasonSanta hosted the best in class hosting.
PiuD (pi under desk)
32gb of micro sd card storage
do we offer backups um what are backups?
very good for hosting website
get it today at
yes the best in class hosting hosted on a singular pi zero w 2 and the ssh connection is secured by a password login

@martijnbraam Do you have a regular rss feed link for your brixit blog? It looks like you only have a feedly link but I want to add your blog to my rss reader.

Ah, this time of year: fake wokeness month.

A small list of companies pretending to care, but ultimately just abusing symbols of a social movement. Feel free to add to this list in the comments.

slower computers, please 

I'm a computer guy, but I'm very much over fast computers. Most of your computer's resources are wasted loading ads and trackers on webpages. Video games require more and more power to deliver less interesting experiences. Don't get me started on cryptocurrency. Computers are getting increasingly complex, therefore less reliable, nearly impossible to repair, wasteful, and devastating to the environment. We need #slowcomputers and more #retrocomputing

One week using #Fedora 36. I initially installed it at home for personal use, but I've been so impressed with it that I'm now also using it at work. This is the first non .deb distro I've used in over 15 years and at the moment I can't see any reasons to switch back. Lovin' it!

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