Using is simple, secure and easy. Just create an xmpp account, install an xmpp client, login and start chatting.

Is there a static site generator that is very simple for my blog?
I am using hugo currently but I would want something that is simpler.

All I want it to do is covert my markdown files to html and then generate a main page with all my posts on it. My site would have css to make it nicer. Along with an rss feed that can go to my site at /blog instead of going to /

At first I said static site host but I meant generator.

RAGE Pinephone Matrix 

Now that FF removed the PWA shit Hydrogen is no longer usable. It also doesn't seem to work in Angelfish or Chromium and Qutebrowser has a new dependency that plain doesn't exist anywhere in the internet. Nheko is total dogshit on mobile devices because it crashes every few seconds and with luck half of the buttons work and Mirage doesn't just load fdor ages it loads forever now. That makes the Matrix situation on the Pinephone about as bad as it can possibly be aka broken

@GreyLinux If you want to try a fully decentralized chat messenger then Briar is nice to try.
DeltaChat is nothing more then a frontend for email but email can be really private if used correctly.
I made a video about session if you want to check it out
Its nothing different then any other messenger like Signal or Matrix and xmpp.

@GreyLinux I been using Signal since about 2018 (It might not be that year). Only with one person as another way of communicating but its been great.

I also have used Tox, Jami, Matrix, XMPP, Telegram, briar, delta chat, Session.
The ones I recommend are mostly Matrix, signal, xmpp (have not tested it much but its been good when I did) and DeltaChat (It uses email so as long as your email is private then it should be private to).

Just uploaded my first video on peertube

I have a look at Session and tell what I think about it.

While searching for new apps, I came across this: It's not for me, but I am sure that some of you will find this interesting:

My website will have some downtime when I am switching to github pages. Then I will be uploading my next blog post.

I am looking for a alternative.

Any comments or suggestions?

very realistic donut 

I’m trying to 3D model with blender just for fun haha

If anyone is using you should try using emptty as your display manager. Its so fast even on my 2008 laptop with an ssd.

To start it at boot all you have to do is type:
systemctl enable emptty.service

Switched from Void Linux to Arch Linux on my laptop.
Just wanted to try out Arch and configuring my system myself. Needed to reinstall Void anyway if I stayed on it.

Lets see how good Arch is with XFCE. So far its looking like a good distro other then that it stops at a gray screen at boot before it goes to the login screen.

✔ Periodic overview of recently added #ActivityPub projects

Fediverse-Action - post to Fediverse when code on GitHub is changed
YouTube 2 PeerTube - mirror YouTube channels to #PeerTube
gemifedi - Gemini frontend to Fediverse
BirdSiteLIVE - Twitter to ActivityPub bridge
ligh7hau5 - Matrix to Fediverse client / bridge - Emulate group accounts on #Mastodon
yt2pt - Set of scripts to quickly import your YouTube channel to PeerTube
corpus-activity-streams - Activity Streams 2.0 vocabulary data and alternative docs

For all tools visit:

Why I switched to Linux Mint

rss feed: (I am trying to fix the links for now they are broken) (never fixed it yet)

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