@kev You could ask people on Fosstodon to donate? But why should they pay for your personal domain??

Or: You could help me spread the word of Albin Social to reach the crowd funding goal (3300 €/month)

If the goal is reached I can then buy the domain for you as long as it still cost something below 1000 pounds

The challenge could snowball into your own family domain

People get membership, two climate friendly well administered and well moderated instances: Mastodon.green and Pixelfed.green

@JohanEmpa @kev But then you'd just be rewarding the squatters with exactly what they want.

@jarek91 @kev

Yes, that's of course a bit of a flaw in the plan. Fighting squatters by rewarding them might not be the most solid idea. But -

As no one has found a way of ending domain squatting we could at least make Kev happy.

Instead of having both Kev and Squatters being unhappy,

we now have Kev and Squatters being happy.

The first is a bit like: "Cutting off the nose to spite the face" or what do you think?


@JohanEmpa @kev It really is a kind of no-win situation. I've run into it myself a few times. I just said a few choice words at my monitor and moved on.

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