Has anyone used keybase since their zoom acquisition? How's it been?

@jarbus Yes, it's been stagnant. Still works fine, but development on it basically hit a brick wall. Virtually nothing has been done since the aquisition.

@mike @jarbus Yeah, there was a minor patch as far as I've noticed.
Honestly, it's a shame. At least, releasing the codebase to the community would be highly appreciated.
The project itself has a great potential, imo.

@mike @jarbus was about to say "just like before because no one touch it since then" 😂

@jarbus still, I guess we can do without.

If you need the key management part, @keyoxide exists

I have never used the collaboration tool/chat, but I guess there are many available (with Matrix and Signal being the closest?)

The crypto wallet is a bit of a meme.

The encrypted git repos are nice, and it's a bit of a pain to setup something manually, instead.

Are there any other features?

@dyamon @keyoxide I think having everything in one place was the nice part, but yeah there are plenty of other replacements

@jarbus @keyoxide that's true but at some point it felt right they were adding random features, instead of integrating the key management thingy with other existing tools.

@jarbus @mike I didn't use it since it's Stellar acquisition. It turned into a simple chat client at that point, with shitcoin integration.

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