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You can see a total cost breakdown for lichess.org at lichess.org/costs

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We have closed the loop.

The launcher can now assemble tal files on the fly, you can use Left to write #uxn programs, Nasu to make graphics, Dexe to include them into your projects.

That means you can have a complete workstation on a NDS, GBA, Playdate, etc..

Thanks to everyone who helped to put this together.

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Anyone else get a feeling of deep sadness when browsing the web sometimes?

I get gigantic cookie pop ups whose “customize settings” functionality doesn’t work, I get “subscribe to our newsletter” pop ups that are too big for my phone screen, and when I try to read a news article, most of my window is completely grayed out from my adblocker, so an article is restricted to a few lines of text

I could go on and on. How did we let this happen?

@jarbus It’s honestly nice to hear that they can do something good. I’ve been stuck using Windows, WSL , Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams for work. It’s been so painful, coming from a Linux setup

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Has Microsoft made a single product that you enjoy using?

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I appreciate when people twist, season, or otherwise cute around with english

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When you're so surprised that your code is working you intentionally add an error to make sure it crashes and you aren't using some other copy of the program

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"So, how does your team share video game assets between each other"

Seeing all the community software for mervilles.town is so inspiring, it's turning into a little cyber town. Same goes for the pubnixes like the tildeverse and sdf.

Still can't believe how simple it is to bypass paywalls, it's like 20 lines of python github.com/wasi-master/13ft

Aaron Swartz, an early internet and freedom activist, was pushed to suicide nine years ago today by JSTOR for downloading too many research papers. May he rest in peace.

Does anyone know of a golden list that shows FOSS alternatives (eg, anki) to adware (quizlet)

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The degree to which companies have convinced the general population that FOSS doesn't exist is utterly astounding

So many young people don't realize that they can make a citation or use flash cards without watching ads

Does sr.ht have a dark mode? I can't find it....

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So this is it, this is my @PINE64 running and desktop.

There are still many things that needs to be done, even booting without UART isn't possible yet. But it's getting there.

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tomorrow on anonradio.net I am excited to publish an interview with Devine from 100 rabbits. Read more about them here 100r.co - tomorrow 9am pst (1600utc) anonradio.net/

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