About a quarter of the page visible on load and four clicks to clear out the banners. What is this nonsense.

@jamie This nonsense is the reason, why I decided to stop reading medium blogs.

When you or anyone else hosts their blog there, sorry, but no sorry. This nonsense has to go away.

OCR Output (chars: 497) 

ai! TESCO > 15:02 =)

=> @​ onezero.medium.com CG
Vi A Medium Corporation &
as FOI IO View

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Taare aca xe Ae eres


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WA Ginn in with Danahaal

< Ho I

OCR Output (chars: 497) 

As unintelligible as the original image.

Perrrfect. :blobchef:

@jamie Ah yes, a website designed for "readers" circa 2019.

Medium has so quickly circled the drains.

@jamie would a pihole on the network help enough? Or Blokada on a mobile?

@jamie uuugh. Mind sending me the link to something as I don't use the site.?

I'm curious now so will see if someone at home can run a test for me.

LOL Medium is such garbage I put it in my blocklist along with Facebook and some other crap sites ages ago.

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