Nextcloud doesn’t support syncing extended file attributes. Super annoying when something works great but there’s one show stopping feature missing.

The article goes on to thrill: "But, surprisingly, no unauthorised vehicles drove outright into the bus lane at the point at which we were filming in the hour-long period."

Slow news day at my local paper:

"We filmed a Hull bus lane for an hour - here's what we saw"

For those in the England, annual heritage open days start tommorow. You can see what's open in your local area here:

I saw the second part of IT last night. It was pretty good - but a bit too much humour. The first one was better.

I don't normally go for scary films but the book is one of my favourites.

If anyone is looking for a decent cross platform markdown based note taking app, you can't go far wrong with Notable:

The best jam:

About a quarter of the page visible on load and four clicks to clear out the banners. What is this nonsense.

I’m writing a guide on what to do if you find a dead body. My work is weird sometimes.

I’m trying to piece it all together. Boris lost his first vote, control of parliament, his majority and, if he sticks to his word, 21 conservative MPs lose the whip.

That can’t have been the plan.

Well - it's a bit of a vague question, but since I do not intend to spend my whole life on this ridiculous island it'll be a yes from me.

My wife is convinced that Facebook listens to her because she see’s adverts for things she’s talked about. They don’t actually do that, right?

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