Held: Google’s copying of the Java SE API, which included only those lines of code that were needed to allow programmers to put their accrued talents to work in a new and transformative program, was a fair use of that material as a matter of law. supremecourt.gov/opinions/20pd

@cjd Not as good as we wanted, but better than we expected!


@douginamug @cjd Great question! This is good for so many reasons, but for me it's that if we want open source versions of proprietary services, we have to be able to implement the APIs used by those services. This Supreme Court decision establishes that we'll be allowed to do that work in many (and perhaps eventually almost all) cases.

@jamesvasile @douginamug @cjd I hate fucking google with all my soul but this time I agree with them. What Oracle wanted is just ridiculous.

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