Marketing idea: a brand of bourbon called "Support Ticket"

I'm opening a support ticket right now. It's been that kind of day.

Apparently, "ZRTP End-to-End Encryption cannot Protect VBR Streams. When using ZRTP + SRTP for encryption in any stretch that goes on the clearnet, be sure to never select a VBR (variable bitrate) codec as the pauses in a conversations produce fingerprints in the encrypted stream that allow the adversary to infer what words are being said." I assume all based solutions (, , ) suffer the same.

Eben Moglen was interview for an NPR segment about the
Boeing 737 Max crashes.

Here's a preview: "If we in the 21st century still believe in human autonomy, then we need to put that value into the software that runs our world.”


It's super disappointing that's amazingly awesome canvassing app isn't open source. Instead, it's pay-to-play, which is the exact opposite of lowering barriers to entry for a new generation of diverse candidates.

I was chatting recently with a friend about how there should be more conferences that cross over SciFi and (open source) tech geekery. I think my favorite conference of 2018 was Blerd City. I got to play with comics nerds, which took me outside my usual comfort zone in wonderful ways. And connecting to geeky and techy communities of color was really just what I needed during the summer doldrums.

Una reflexión de Karen Uhlenbeck, la primera mujer en ganar el Premio Abel de matemáticas, sobre el éxito en la imperfección 🏅
#ilustracion #matematicas #KarenUhlenbeck


Agree 💯.

This is why it warmed my heart to see @conservancy sign on as a supporter of OSI.

This came up at #FOSSASIA last week -- we are stronger together; always. We should understand the various motivations we all have for doing what we do, but then move beyond those differences and maximize the potential for the ideals and motives we share in common.

Does anybody have any links to docs that discuss pair programming with kids? Either adult-kid pairs or kid-kid pairs.

EU politics, Iceland 

... how does this relate to #Brexit?

Well, if you want to do your own corrupt local government power things, it's really annoying to have to take a higher, external authority into account.

Almost all the consumer protection improvements in Iceland were due to passing mandatory EU/EEA legislation.

The EU has flaws, but from my POV it's also been a major force for improving governance.

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Huge thanks to everyone at the Open Source Leadership Conference. It is a pleasure
to conspire with practitionerss at the leading edge of open source and I can't wait to see what we build together in the months and years to come.

I’m looking for a consultant regarding EU funding for MNT Reform (open source hardware portable computer/platform), maybe in the context of Horizon 2020 or similar. Please RT

TIL if your postgres server has version 9.4, but you used pg_dump 9.6 to make a backup, you won't be able to restore it.

Fortunately, I learned it without losing any data so as to need the backup.

I feel like I once saw a list of ActivityPub projects, and one of them was a personal event service... Something that could potentially replace Facebook for events.

I don't *think* it was GetTogether (which is more of a MeetUp-like thing).

Does anyone remember something similar? Or is my unreliable memory just making things up on me?

I did a ludicrous mental exercise, and I am calm now.

OSI is asking its members and affiliates to elect an unprecedented SIX directors next month - see for details and for the candidates. It's not too late to join OSI so you can vote, see

Right now I am full of rage, which is to say I am at risk of making incredibly bad decisions. This is either the best or the worst time to ask me for a favor.

Bunnie Huang's tour-de-force explanation of how hardware implants and supply chain hacks work

@nextcloud What a coincidence, I just finished installing a Pi with Nextcloud on it to replace a Dropbox! Here's our procedure:

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