Sometimes its hard not to feel guilty for being "unproductive" . Even though today I spent a good few hours batch cooking meals for this week, I didn't do any programming or machine learning research - I played video games and watched netflix. Remember: downtime /IS productive

Recommendation systems are a blessing and a curse. I wrote a thing about how they work, a 'dark' usage pattern employed by social media and how important it is to get your information from a range of sources

"Where's the ML model you promised us James?"
*dives into smeg*

"Hmm... these lot aren't very good"

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and I'm sorry but there is very little that a man who has overseen crisis-after-crisis and embarassing u-turns a-plenty can tell me about how to manage my team. If I hid from my clients in a fridge I wouldn't have many clients.

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The UK Government's "everyone back to the office now" scheme has only been running a few days and I'm Already sick of hearing about how I'm supposed to endanger my family because Pret might not be profitable Q3 2020

If you're interested in digital rights then I'd highly recommend having a look at Cory Doctorow's latest work on dismantling surveilance capitalism

Hi, new here! I'm a wrangler of 0s and 1s by day and I build open tools and datasets for understanding the impact of scientific work on the general public by night.


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