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Boost this if you want to be part of an explicitly anticapitalist technology liberation movement.

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I think what bothers me the most about NFT art is that it's conspicuous consumption in its purest form. The only benefit of owning an NFT is getting to say you "own" it.

A new post on my site, in which I have fun with Prolog & mode-directed tabling to make a declarative description of Levenshtein distance actually be reasonably performant:

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"If you also know deep in your heart that the metaverse is a big fat steaming load of billionaire nerd pabulum, I hope reading these words provides you with a wave of vindicating comfort."

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Please tell me your favorite terrible groaner of a joke

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I wrote up a slightly more verbose recount of the events I described here earlier, a case of discovering how a breach has been performed, largely thanks to a carefully crafted syslog message.

You can read it at:

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Doin’ some front squats. Keeping it light, going for volume - time to build 🍑

Thanks xcode! What a helpful error message….I don’t do iOS dev all the time, but it always makes me regret my life decisions

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Do you think there’s anything about Toronto hosting a display of state military power on the weekend of a day that is supposed to represent worker solidarity?

…but my old favourite, weight for distance felt good! After no competitions in 2020, I finally have one lined up in two weeks, so I need to get ready!

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Got up early today to get some throwing practice in before the park got too crowded and hot. Still pretty humid, but throws felt decent. Hammer was a bit rusty…

This was very fun to make! A TailwindCSS generator -- essentially a port of Girouette[1] from Clojure to Prolog:

Fun to make, pleasant to use. I was very dubious about Tailwind for styling SPAs, but I've really come to like it as I use it.


That was a fun little victory! I've been enjoying reading through the blog archives of Achewood, but they really work best if you can sort of be reading the different characters simultaneously to see the connections. Onstad did put out a PDF of the collected blogs at one point, but only up until a certain point in time.

I was also afraid that Blogger will vanish or become unreadable sooner or later, so I wrote a script, scraped up all the blogs, and now I have one big PDF! Fun stuff.

My new strategy of refusing to venture in to the comments on Lobsters has, I think, been an improvement for my mood. I'm starting to feel that comments are essentially never, ever a good thing.

(of course, isn't mastodon essentially just a comment section? Maybe it's more reasonable when the comment system is distinct from what's being commented on)

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I’d once again like to bring attention to @ddevault insulting me on his previous instance

I’m fine with him being on Fosstodon, I’d just like him to apologize and promise to do better

A nice counter-point to something I wrote being unexpectedly posted to HN a couple weeks ago -- yesterday I just realized that Protesilaos references me & links to my blog under the "Other People" section of his dotemacs[1].

Not only that, but he mentions he appreciates my "commentary of a political sort"!

It makes me very happy to see someone that I like & respect enjoys my work 😀


Oh god, something I wrote just wound up on Hacker News. I got two very nice emails from it, but I am desperately resisting reading the comments -- a quick glance showed 99 comments thus far and it seems unlikely that they're going to make me happier

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