@gopiandcode It definitely is some packages I'm using -- I mainly see it after it's been running for a while, in giant org files, with tons of background processes running...it's not unexpected, I just wish I had a slightly faster computer & Emacs had a more powerful threading model

@hund Yeah, I used vim & neovim for a while, but I just really like having all my mail and rss and PDFs and everything else in emacs.

@aphyr On it 👍

Also, looking like something out of a comic book there, that's quite a singlet!

I think if I could just have an Emacs that never lagged or dropped keystrokes, I wouldn't need any more computer. Don't need fancy graphics cards or a billion CPU cores, I just want to be able to type at full speed, with all my Emacs goodies, without having to wait for input to catch up :/

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This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

@urusan I like the idea of sortition, where serving in the government is like jury duty; citizens get randomly selected and rolling intervals, serve a term, then go back to their lives. In theory, you could have representatives that actually were representative of their constituency and they'd have the robust civil service to advise on technical matters -- not like career politicians are really experts on much of anything anyway

@davidrevoy I believe Bodil tweeted recently about getting a new "Quartz Canyon" Intel NUC that "just worked" under Manjaro linux, including the eGPU twitter.com/bodil/status/13189

@pheonix That's the "Thinking Fast & Slow" fellow? I recall enjoying that one, although it's been a while

@Matter Nice! That's the best, when something finally works. Getting to read a book during daylight hours is always a joy too 😁

Yesterday: Electron goofiness.
Today: Front squats.

How's everyone else's weekend?

My home gym/home office. Fortunately for me, I've been doing the working & lifting from home thing for years, so the quarantine was mostly business as usual for me.

Writing some stuff in XCB and having a surprising amount of fun doing so. Not much in the way of docs other than the X specifications, but I'm making do...

@technomancy There was a DS9 episode where we see in the future Nog is a captain, but I guess that's an alternate timeline...

@aphyr Your gym definitely takes the cake for best lighting!

@aphyr :( I've been lucky that my place has just enough room for a power rack, although the ceilings are low enough I can't do any overhead pressing (and I had to put the pull-up bar in upside-down).

Even just some squat stands might be useful though, and quite compact, e.g. fitnessavenue.ca/amstaff-tr310

@aphyr FYI, not really important, but in the first example of eval_exp, the env argument is a braces term {} instead of a dict _{}

@aphyr Great to see it all come together, wonderful as always! I was having a really frustrating day today & this really cheered me up :)

@apetresc Thanks! I wonder how many Toronto folks are on here...

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