The subliminal messaging is starting to get more blatant

@aphyr I love the juxtaposition of the exercise and "other" equipment - it's like, "now, we're going to superset tricep extensions and licking my boots"

Food POL 

@urusan there was a book I read years ago called “The Metabolic Typing Diet”; I’m not sure how valid the particulars of it were, but the bit I found compelling was when it pointed out how much internal anatomy differs between people & how it thus stands to reason that people will process foods very differently than one another.

mech / ergo keyboard questions 

@brennen Kinesis Freestyle Edge gaming is the only one I can think of that meets those criteria

@PsychoLlama 👍👍 I got into Revolutions because I was looking for good info about the Haitian Revolution, but after catching up on that I do want to listen History of Rome now too...but I have too many podcasts to listen to now 😆

@PsychoLlama My pleasure! The other one in a similar vein I enjoy is "Revolutions", but that one is better-known, I think

Really enjoying the “Age of Napoleon” podcast. Not only interesting history, but it does a good job of explaining historiographical controversies, the broader context of events and the human costs of it all. Highly recommended!

@asbjorn I think there's a pretty big difference between kicking someone out of a bar for their race and kicking someone out of a bar for advertising their affiliation with a political party that advocates genocide

Emacs suggestions 

@artrotrogus I also made a few other videos on the previously-linked youtube channel with other intermediate emacs stuff

Emacs suggestions 

@artrotrogus I based my config (when returning to Emacs after several years with vim) on ohai-emacs[1]; reading through it & copying what I liked. I also made a video giving a brief overview of my config here:


@aphyr Looks like your chest is coming along well! Home gym working out for you?

@aphyr One of my great joys is reading the ads in niche magazines and trying to puzzle out the jargon and figure out what they're actually selling and why it's good


@SonoMichele Yeah...I have a mac mini that is literally only used for building iOS apps - nothing on it but xcode, firefox, and emacs. Every time xcode needs to update, I have to delete a ton of project and temp files, just to be able to download the update.

@SonoMichele Awesome! I'll have to check that out next time I need such a thing 😁

@SonoMichele I think so -- I've built things in a VM -- but getting them onto a device, I'm not sure about -- need to be able to pass through the entire bus the device is plugged in to. Theoretically possible, I was never able to make it work

@SonoMichele You'll need xcode and a mac...used to require a paid dev account, but I believe that is no longer the case -- might still need an account though, and the apps you build will only be able to be installed on a small number of devices.

@alexbuzzbee My old MBP solved that problem by the battery swelling so much that it broke off the flanges connecting the battery to the case!

Also though, I found that leaving it plugged in made the swelling go down and it hasn't swollen up since. YMMV, of course, I understand if you'd rather play it safe...

@kambing I think the classic in that genre is Camus’ “The Stranger”

food m, nutrition ask 

@asterkwaster Ah, friend who has issues with dairy tried buying some pea/rice protein blend that he ended up just disposing of because it was too vile to consume 😆
I have heard good things about hemp protein though.

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