liftin’ weights, no shirt 

…and deadlifts up to 545lb. Feeling a bit tired, things were slower than I would like, but putting work in.

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liftin’ weights, no shirt 

More lifting today - snatch pulls with 315lb…

Doin’ some front squats. Keeping it light, going for volume - time to build 🍑

Thanks xcode! What a helpful error message….I don’t do iOS dev all the time, but it always makes me regret my life decisions

…but my old favourite, weight for distance felt good! After no competitions in 2020, I finally have one lined up in two weeks, so I need to get ready!

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Got up early today to get some throwing practice in before the park got too crowded and hot. Still pretty humid, but throws felt decent. Hammer was a bit rusty…

The subliminal messaging is starting to get more blatant

Yesterday: Electron goofiness.
Today: Front squats.

How's everyone else's weekend?

My home gym/home office. Fortunately for me, I've been doing the working & lifting from home thing for years, so the quarantine was mostly business as usual for me.


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