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This makes a lot of sense to me:

While I'm in the group that is typically catered to by the official food guidelines, my family also diverges in some key ways from the norm.

While we aren't vegetarian, we eat a lot less meat than is typical for an American household. We make up the protein deficit mostly with cheese and various protein filled plants and grains.

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I went to dietician that my job wanted me to see, and after getting some initial good advice they moved onto trying to railroad me onto an "ideal" diet that didn't make sense for me or my family.

They also would give me conflicting advice like trying to get me to lay off the cheese, but also have a level of protein that was nigh impossible without it. I didn't like (or have easy access to) the alternatives they wanted me to use.

I eventually just said goodbye.

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I can only imagine that this situation is much worse when one's cultural diet varies much more than mine does from the baseline.

It also suggests that we really need to treat everyone's diet as an individual special case, and make tailored adjustments, rather than having the ONE TRUE DIET.


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@urusan there was a book I read years ago called “The Metabolic Typing Diet”; I’m not sure how valid the particulars of it were, but the bit I found compelling was when it pointed out how much internal anatomy differs between people & how it thus stands to reason that people will process foods very differently than one another.

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