mech / ergo keyboard questions 

dear keyboard nerds:

my wrists hurt and it's time to drift away from the model m for a while.

i think i'm looking for a full-sized mechanical split board with a mostly-traditional layout. i want F-keys and arrows and stuff like pgup/pgdn without chording, for instance. clicky keys would be nice. years-old habits mean i actually use the insert key, like some kind of cave dweller.

have i, as usual, set myself an impossible mix of criteria?


mech / ergo keyboard questions 

@brennen Kinesis Freestyle Edge gaming is the only one I can think of that meets those criteria

mech / ergo keyboard questions 

@jamesnvc @brennen that's what I ended up going with. My main gripe is that the tenting kit is extra, stupid expensive for what it is, and not built all that well. I ended up not using it and just leaving the two halves angled on desk. Nice to have Dvorak on-keyboard by putting keyboard in storage mode & modifying a text file. Also, for some reason I have a habit of accidentally touching the Fn key which screws things up.

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