Emacs suggestions 

Hello Fosstodoners, I am trying to get into Emacs customization but that's such a vast topic I feel overwhelmed. Could you suggest me a good place to start tinkering with my .emacs file? I found sooo many resources online but each one is either too specific or too simple (e.g. just copy paste someone's dotfile and learn that), nor anyone focuses on the Emacs LISP basic. I had a look at Awesome Emacs but I'm still too noob to do some conscious tinkering (hardcore vim user tough).


Emacs suggestions 

@artrotrogus I based my config (when returning to Emacs after several years with vim) on ohai-emacs[1]; reading through it & copying what I liked. I also made a video giving a brief overview of my config here: youtube.com/watch?v=tJt03lQwbc

[1]: github.com/bodil/ohai-emacs

Emacs suggestions 

@artrotrogus I also made a few other videos on the previously-linked youtube channel with other intermediate emacs stuff

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