If I have the source code of an app, can I build it and install it on my iPhone?

@SonoMichele You'll need xcode and a mac...used to require a paid dev account, but I believe that is no longer the case -- might still need an account though, and the apps you build will only be able to be installed on a small number of devices.

@jamesnvc do you know if I can get away with a hackintosh virtual machine?


@SonoMichele I think so -- I've built things in a VM -- but getting them onto a device, I'm not sure about -- need to be able to pass through the entire bus the device is plugged in to. Theoretically possible, I was never able to make it work

@jamesnvc I did, i found this thing called “sosumi” and installed hackintosh in literally some clicks and added one line of “code” to use the usb

@SonoMichele Awesome! I'll have to check that out next time I need such a thing 😁

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