I was going to try to repair a fairly old MacBook Pro for a gift. Instead, discovered a ballooning Li-ion battery. And we don't have the screwdriver to get the case open. So now it's wrapped in foil, inside a fishtank, on a tile floor until the screwdriver set arrives...


@alexbuzzbee My old MBP solved that problem by the battery swelling so much that it broke off the flanges connecting the battery to the case!

Also though, I found that leaving it plugged in made the swelling go down and it hasn't swollen up since. YMMV, of course, I understand if you'd rather play it safe...

@jamesnvc I also found something saying that freezing a Li-ion can revive it, but I don't want to do anything at all that could help it decide to catch fire. The plan is to remove the battery and swap the SSD into another identical MacBook Pro (hoping the SSD isn't soldered and assuming it won't power on without the battery).

Just discovered that the other identical MacBook Pro also has swollen batteries. Great! Fortunately the drive is an E-key M.2 and we can get an adaptor from that to M-key.

@cinebox This one is definitely an M.2. Some of them are MiniPCIe but not this one.

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