I miss writing Prolog -- been too busy with work for my side projects -- so I've been trying the "advent of code" for the first time. Having fun, but I feel like using Prolog is cheating, it's just too good for this sort of thing πŸ˜†

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@jamesnvc I don't think using the best tool for the job is cheating, but it all depends on what you find fun with aoc anyway, I've always been using it with a different language just for the fun of it :)

@sotolf For sure! I just wish I knew about Prolog back when I was doing programming competitions in high school, it would've been very handy then.

@jamesnvc Yeah, I bet, there are so many fun solutions looking through the megathreads on reddit, like this one solving the whole day 7 in vim keystrokes, people are crazy and I love it :)

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