I think if I could just have an Emacs that never lagged or dropped keystrokes, I wouldn't need any more computer. Don't need fancy graphics cards or a billion CPU cores, I just want to be able to type at full speed, with all my Emacs goodies, without having to wait for input to catch up :/

@jamesnvc You know what they say. Emacs is a good operating system that lacks a good text editor.

Have you considered alternatives?

@hund @jamesnvc >lacks a good text editor
FAKE NEWS - this is a myth typically perpetuated by those who haven't tried the emacs bindings in earnest.

I started off with VI, but have since moved to Emacs, and honestly, the emacs keybindings are just as good as VIs stuff, they just have a different flavor (favouring extensibility over compositionality).

@hund Yeah, I used vim & neovim for a while, but I just really like having all my mail and rss and PDFs and everything else in emacs.

@jamesnvc Huh, that's strange - my emacs runs very fast, with barely any lag.

What packages are you using? Have you checked if this still occurs when using emacs -Q?

@gopiandcode It definitely is some packages I'm using -- I mainly see it after it's been running for a while, in giant org files, with tons of background processes's not unexpected, I just wish I had a slightly faster computer & Emacs had a more powerful threading model

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