Finally went ahead and moved my account from .social to a proper instance. I felt Fosstodon was appropriate, given I've been trying to do more Emacs + org-mode contributions in my free time.

I set up the redirect from my old account, but got an error message when trying to "move" it...maybe I'll try again in the morning :/

@jamesnvc Welcome to FOSStodon, we've been waiting for you ;) jkjk, but seriously, glad to have you on board

@jamesnvc welcome!

Did the same thing. Make sure to add this account as an alias in the old account and your old account as an alias in this account. Then, you can move from the old account

@blueberry Oh, hm, I had added this account as an alias on the old one, but it didn't seem to work, so I removed it...and now, after setting up a redirect, I doesn't give me that option 🙃 I suppose I'll try reactivating the old one & setting up the bidirectional aliases. Thanks for the tip!

@jamesnvc yeah just remove the redirect, add the alias for both, then you can move like you intended

@blueberry Very odd, still not working. Maybe I'll just let it sit overnight & see if like the database needs to catch up - I see Gargron tooting about some db issues

@apetresc Thanks! I wonder how many Toronto folks are on here...

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