Does anyone have any suggestions on repairing these cracks on the keyboard side of the laptop? This guy has suffered a handful of drops.

Ah, one of my favorite IRC clients... Microsoft Chat!
Getting a kick being on

The LibreAdventure room is pretty neat. Someone said hello yesterday. Wish I had more free time to wander the virtual halls.

Playing around with -retro-term and thought would be a nice way to spice it up. @ChrisWere Gemini page looks pretty cool!

Keeping a tab open for the kids to track Santa on Norad Tracker.

Removed unnecessary JavaScript on my site; render time didn't improve, but total KB transfer was decimated to 10% of previous size!

Now I feel comfortable requesting the

Sitting outside in wonderful 77° weather. Laptop's screen isn't the brightest, so this is why I've switched to light (or normal) mode instead of dark mode by default.

Testing out on my laptop... Some things better, some things worse than

May make a detailed post on it later.

Mostly out of the box but it gets the job done, which is what ultimately matters. I also forgot a I had a post drafted! Will finish that up today.

Well, much easier than I expected... Huzzah!

From 8GB -> 20GB!

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Finally a long overdue RAM upgrade. Lenovo says it's not supported, but plenty of Amazon reviewers reported success upgrading.

If I go dark, then you know why. 😉

Well, found out that my router can only set a LAN DNS server in IPv4 and not in IPv6, and was causing terrible looping somehow. I can ssh into the router, but I really don't know what I'm doing well enough to fix.

Also with @opennic root hints is unacceptably slow for the rest of my household.

Going to keep it simple and disable IPv6 and go with & for now.

Never know until you try!

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Back in the day, I used to sit in the library or coffee shop and tinker around with my laptop. Now my breaks are at indoor playgrounds or Chuck E Cheese while kid runs around. Still a win-win. 😉


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