Ah, one of my favorite IRC clients... Microsoft Chat!
Getting a kick being on

Whoops! I didn't realize I was spamming hex codes in the chat. Sorry for that folks!

@jameskupke i have actually used Microsoft Chat in the 90s 😅💦💦 haha

@snowdusk Yep! The 90s was probably the last time I used it as well. @snowdusk you show up as an Alien. :)

@jameskupke LOL i just realized @claudiom 's got the princess avatar here hahaha cute 😝

@snowdusk Haha I swear the app automatically picked that for @claudiom

Maybe wanted to give him some extra hair? :)

@snowdusk It's actually kind of ironic because when I play Super Smash Brothers Ultimate with my son's, my mains are usually Princess Peach or Daisy. I pick them just to annoy my son's with a barrage of butt attacks. 😂😂😂 @jameskupke

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