@kev Looks great, been browsing a few pages. Thinking of setting up mine again with maybe or ; had a that's essentially abandoned.

Was wondering if you considered Hugo? Looks like it doesn't have a web interface like Grav does.


#Hugo natively doesn't have a web interface. For #git users, that's a non-issue.

I haven't tried, but I have heard that #Netlify / #Forestry have some content management system (CMS) that works with Hugo too.

As a software, Hugo is excellent, and fast. I heavily recommend it.


@kaushalmodi Hugo mot having a web interface being a “non-issue” is subjective. Personally, I prefer to have one.

@jameskupke no, I’ve not tried Hugo personally. I was going to until I discovered Grav. It’s a happy medium, so I don’t need to. 😊


I was typing and editing fast on the phone. I was meaning to say: "Hugo not having a web interface is /probably/ a non-issue for git users."



@kaushalmodi @kev I'm going the NetlifyCMS a shot since it seems to build in a web interface with the deploy; now just to try to see if I can modify a theme and get it set up.

I don't do day to day programming, but I'm willing to get my hands dirty to set things up, and then the goal is to keep things simple when it's "stable". 🤞

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