Follow Any recommendations for weather app for Android? Trying out Yorecast on @fdroidorg

Looks pretty good so far.

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@mastor Yeah, I saw that. I assumed that maybe the Yorecast app would not transmit over, but that could be a bad assumption.

@jameskupke @switchingsocial I'm using dark sky. It has subscription but also a free version if I'm not mistaken. It looks good, simple, and pretty accurate with the rain. The widget is also good and bin intrusive.

@jrss How's the privacy regarding Dark Sky? Looks interesting.

@jameskupke @switchingsocial

Hey James! Sorry I missed this toot, I didn't see it somehow.

I don't know about their privacy settings, but they are not FOSS and they make money from subscription, so I wouldn't expect extra privacy on location and such. The app is clean though and there are no ads, if that helps.

@jrss Yeah, it's not FOSS, but I ended up using it since it was the most accurate.

@jameskupke Using "World weather" from F-Droid store

I'm using Geometric weather from F-Droid.

@PrivacyBear Strange, that doesn't seem listed on F-Droid to me...

@blacklight447 @jameskupke I can only second the recommendation of Forcastie. Have been using it for years now.

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