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If you want people to find your public posts on Mastodon or the rest of the Fediverse, there's something important you need to know:


For privacy reasons, the only way to search for posts on here is by hashtag. If you don't include tags, no one will see your post in searches.

Hashtags have to be spelt exactly, so #MastoTip and #MastoTips would bring up two separate sets of results. Include multiple tags if you're not sure.

More MastoTips:


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I'm loocking for a more ethical alternative to Linkedin @switchingsocial

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So, got my Lenovo FLEX-14API working smoothly with Ubuntu, does anyone have any recommended apps to play around with an active pen?

Carrying my laptop in my messenger bag, and random thought came up.

Do you put your laptop hinge side down, or lid side down?

Just bought a Lenovo Flex 14 with an Ryzen 5, and expecting Linux to work a bit better out of the box vs my Intel/Nvidia laptop, but running into issues with and . Any recommended distros?

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Do you enjoy following someone's own posts, but they boost a lot of stuff you don't care about?

Did you know you can just mute their boosts without muting their posts?

1. Go to their profile page

2. Click on the menu button (the three dots in a column)

3. Click on "Hide boosts from..."

(Note: this only works with Mastodon accounts.)

#MastoTips #Mastodon

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Anyone good with ? My PCIE for the graphics card is by default set to "on" instead of "auto" and not sure how to change the setting.

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What do you use as your daily driver?
(Boosts appreciated)

Spent a good hour trying to get Civ 6 on my Manjaro instance working. Probably took longer since I sort-of did a few fixes instead of one all the way.

What ended up working was:
1. gpasswd -a $USER bumblebee
2. create steam_appid.txt with text "289070" in /home/$USER/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Sid Meier's Civilization VI
3. primusrun "/home/james/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Civ6Sub"

steam-native had a lot of errors; may try again.

@switchingsocial Thanks. I was wondering about something that keeps tract of steps, weight, etc.

Well, for fun, I did a
powertop --auto-tune

and my fans instantly turned off... Maybe I don't have to mess with bumblebee. Estimated 6 hours of battery life.... Crossing my fingers!!

The setup continues.

Went through the guidance on the wiki, and lm-sensors did not detect a fan, so went with #2 option of NBFC. CPU fan was detected, but not the GPU. Also, was unable to change the CPU fan.

Going to try replacing bumblebee with Optimus Manager to see if I can disable the GPU on my day to day for better battery life and less fan noise.

436 package updates, hopefully one of them fixes my fan issue.

Update on KDE, set up was super easy, and Nvidia proprietary drivers with bumblebee was all configured out of the box.

Only issue now is to figure out why my fans spin up and don't shut down...

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