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So apparently was down for like 10 minutes. My friend told me about it. I didn't notice as I was using 😆

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An anonymous contributor just donated $370 to us via opencollective! 🎉 Thanks, whoever that was 🙂 .

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Instagram Import Status

✅ - PR created (github.com/pixelfed/pixelfed/p)

✅ - Deployed & Tested (delta.pixelfed.net/dansup)

This is actually happening 🥳

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So good friend of , @jamie is building what looks to be the makings of a great tool for blog discovery (think HN/Lobsters for bloggers with some webmention thrown in).

He has high hopes for this project (as do I), any webdevs out there want to jump in and help?

Link to the project:


I just want to say that I hate microSD cards...

Spent 3 hours on my figuring out that I had a corrupted card, and then finding that my built-in SD card reader is not compatible with and had to flash within Windows.

Man, I never noticed had a free tier. Will try it out. Will most likely add a blog post about it.

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If your new to #mastodon and you’re interested in #technology, #opensource, or #privacy topics I’ve made a list of accounts to drop a follow only OFFICIAL ones not bots

Be sure to #boost

Tor Project - @torproject
Matrix Project - @matrix
Proton Services - @protonmail @protonvpn @ProtonCalendar
Swiso - @switchingsoftware
PrivacyTools - @privacytools
Mastodon - @Mastodon
Pixelfed - @pixelfed
Pixeldroid - @PixelDroid

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Modest suggestion: next time you plan on buying some luxury item (starbucks, a video game, a dinner out, etc), consider donating that amount to an open source project that you love. Not every time - you can have that frappachino tomorrow - but just this time, let's give back to FOSS.

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For Day 23 of , I decided to write up an explanation of a game that my family and I have been playing remotely: Name That Tune! 🎧

It takes a little prep on my end, but it's been fun for everyone that's played so far!


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Just noticed I can switch from X to in . Is there any gotchas for doing that? Seems to be identical. Performance boost perhaps?

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