@jalvarez @hund i dont think the proverb "if you are not paying for it then you are the product" doesnt have any bearing on modern internet infrastructure.

@flamingkeys @jalvarez I know it doesn't apply on everything. I mean, we're discussing this on a free service after all. ;)

@hund @flamingkeys it definitely does not apply in all situations. Sometimes there are truly free but limited services, so that if you liked it, you go ahead and pay for the premium version.

@jalvarez @hund everything about open source is free and yet it has very limited tracking if at all. But paid services like netflix collect copious amounts of data even though they have a monthly price tag.

@flamingkeys @hund I disagree with "everything about open source is free", it should be free as in freedom but not necessary free as in free-lunch. Besides, it seems that nowadays a lot of companies take advantage of the open source movement without giving back (not proportionally at least), they profit from it in different ways.

@flamingkeys @hund I'm pretty okay will all the different business models as long as they are clear about it. What I despise is when they present to their customers in very "clever" and deceptive ways.

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