distros are like religions: you have one, I have one. We can cohabitate, we can even be friends, as long as we avoid the topic of which one is better.

For completeness:
Let's consider agnosticism, in all their forms, a religion. Similarly, let's consider non-Linux-based OSes, in all their flavors, a Linux distribution.

( Some people use multiple distros, or follow more than one religion )

P.S. The same idea holds for languages, people get almost religious about them.

@jalvarez What if I'm open to having a better distro than I have currently? :)

@jalvarez pretty sure I can’t be part of 3 religions simultaneously

@blueberry, I believe you can learn something from all of them. Being officially part of their community, that might be more difficult, yeah. :P

@jalvarez That might be true for some (none mentioned), but there's a lot of Linux based operating systems that have a really friendly userbase as well! The most friendly that I personally know, is Gentoo. You probably won't find a more agnostic, anti-elitist and friendly community than that. :)

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