A friend shared this. I have no use for it since people at work are nice. The same goes for the virtual communities where I spend time nowadays.

Posting it here just in case someone finds it useful ;)

I've been working on some libraries at work (ES2020).
First, I created getters and setters for my classes.
Then, I refactored variable's names to prepend underscore ("please user, don't mess up with this") and use JS accessors.
But now, since Class properties are public by default (and there is no way to make them private, AFAIK), I'm thinking to simply access those properties directly (no methods or accessors).

Any JS developer out there who can me here?

distros are like religions: you have one, I have one. We can cohabitate, we can even be friends, as long as we avoid the topic of which one is better.

For completeness:
Let's consider agnosticism, in all their forms, a religion. Similarly, let's consider non-Linux-based OSes, in all their flavors, a Linux distribution.

( Some people use multiple distros, or follow more than one religion )

P.S. The same idea holds for languages, people get almost religious about them.

Which provider would you recommend for private domain name registration?

Currently using namecheap.com, but looking for options.

Me: "Ok Google"

Phone: "Assistant can't start when another app is using the microphone"

Me: Close all the apps ... "Ok Google"

Phone: "Assistant can't start when another app is using the microphone"

Me: ⚆ _ ⚆

Do you remember those days when being a computer wasn't cool?

Quite pleased with my 9-year-old Dell laptop now running MX Linux (Xfce)

Murphy's law on Real-Time Systems.

Source: Buttazzo, G. (2011). Hard real-time computing systems : Predictable scheduling algorithms and applications (3rd ed., Real-time systems series) New York, Springer.

In a world "run by software", I believe that we, "the developers", must have a clear philosophical stance.

How to build better software shouldn't be our only concern. 'Why' and 'for whom' are equally ( if not more ) important questions. Otherwise, we easily become software mercenaries, selling our skills to the highest bidder. Is that a world where you want to live? I don't.

Hey @jetgirl, with your post ( jetgirl.writeas.com/defunct-te ) you made me realise I should be grateful I never could afford to be an early adopter.

Problem: wife complains about my "noisy" ( cherry brown, y'all know that's not noisy, right? ).

My solution: Let her use it for a couple of days, hoping to be understood.

New problem: I don't have a anymore.


I stayed away from social media my whole life because of my impulsive personality--I know I can't handle it

Yet, here I am. So, to make it work, I set up a system: During the day, jot down toots in paper. After work, pick some, type and schedule them--throw away some as well.

Absurd, pointless, inefficient? Maybe. But otherwise, my day would be way more fragmented, and a bit more miserable.

P.S. This is the first toot using the system, and no, it wasn't typed right before published.

I just watched an interview taking place inside a TV studio, where the interviewee, casually, lights up a cigarette. It was mid 70's.

It is shocking to realize that they didn't know, at the time, how toxic the cigarettes are.

I imagine that in 30 years or so, people will watch scenes from these days, everyone checking their phones continuously, and they'll think the same.

Programmable thingies are quite affordable nowadays, which is great. However, I often experience "option paralysis" when trying to decide what to build next (and then, which platform I should use to do it) :blobthinkingeyes:

For those Apple fans out there, this info might be of your interest.

For those non-Apple user who care about obsolesce, this is relevant as well.


Hi everyone. I'm an embedded software engineer and an avid user and supporter of FOSS.

I enjoy building stuff using programmable things.


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