Anyone using an alternative Android OS besides Lineage? Like GrapheneOS, CalyOS, /e/ etc. I hear about Lineage all the time, but I'm curious how well these other Andoid open source alternatives work. Planning on trying GrapheneOS on my Pixel3a this week.

@jade_qwann it's my understanding that a lot of the custom android "distros" out there are LineageOS derived anyway, so might as well just start from upstream

@jade_qwann I have #ReplicantOS on a spare Samsung Galaxy S3 but I find it unusable. Due to the strict requirements of Replicant being fully #FOSS, it has no WiFi, 3G at best, bad battery drain and is very slow. I tried to get used to it but just couldn’t. Wanted to try #LineageOS but they no longer support Galaxy S3. Any other OS you’d recommend? I’m looking forward to the release of the @purism #Librem5!

@jade_qwann got a spare phone with /e/, so far it's my favourite mobile OS besides Lineage. If you don't mind switching to their services (mail, calendar, contacts) you'll be delighted 🤩

Great blog post! I'd like to try /e/ myself unfortunately, it doesn't support the Pixel 3a. CalyxOS is supposed to add support the 3a soon. It gives you the option to install microg when you 1st install.

My only concern is the Google Camera app. If i can run it on privacy focused GrapheneOS, I'll stick with it. I've replaced all my apps with open source except for the camera app. I'll let you know how it goes later in the week.

@jade_qwann I used the micro-g build of lineageos on my Mi 5 for almost two years, before it died in water. Works well. Yalp store for getting apps from google play.

/e/ looks promising!

I'm now on samsung's stock rom with my newly purchased (waterproof!) S8. Need to switch to a de-googled rom soon.

I'm also using a Pixel 3a, interested to hear your thoughts on graphene

@jade_qwann I am using self-built AOSP. Tough to build and to update, but functionality-wise great, everything just works. However, it only works for devices that are not yet EOL'd by Google (that is, all Pixel phones ... yet)

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