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"The way copyright works in the United States does need changing. But the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act (CASE Act), which will treat certain copyright claims like traffic tickets, does nothing to make any useful changes. Instead, it would invite abuse, magnify the existing problem of copyright’s unpredictable damages, and would give a lot of authority to a new, quasi-judicial body in the Copyright Office, not the actual courts."

Wow its amazing all the apps/services @nextcloud can replace:

Calendar, contacts, todo list, Google Drive/Dropbox, bookmark sync, Google Keep/notes, Evernote, Pocket/ReaditLater, RSS reader, password manager, Google Photos, internet radio, Google Hangouts/chat, project management, eBook reader/manager, even documents and spreadsheets with OpenOffice or Collabora.

Can't wait till I get everything switched over!

I installed Lingers PRO from f-droid. ClassyShark3xodus reports that it contains Google Analytics, but there's nothing listed on the f-droid page.

Playing SuperTuxCart on Android. Ahh brings back soooo many memories!

I donate to @EFF for an Internet that respects and empowers users. Join me: eff.org/join

Purchased a Huawei Tablet a few months ago. Recently found out Huawei stopped unlocking bootloaders a year ago! Nice hardware but full of bloatware.

Found this article on XDA that explains how to use your PC to uninstall bloatware/system apps.


Thank you !

Anyone using an alternative Android OS besides Lineage? Like GrapheneOS, CalyOS, /e/ etc. I hear about Lineage all the time, but I'm curious how well these other Andoid open source alternatives work. Planning on trying GrapheneOS on my Pixel3a this week.

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Installed Manjaro KDE :manjaro: :kde: and I really like it.

AUR is swanky, and got me Dropbox, which is great.

Got rid of octopi and installed pamac, though. Pamac just seems more user-friendly... also installing from AUR via command line `pamac build ...` seems to be a smoother process, which I appreciate.


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