@m1k3 I meant my post to be tongue-in-cheek; you're in good company! Regardless of its usefulness I was impressed by the site's design

@codeHaiku Also check out webtrees: webtrees.net/index.php/en/ Their website looks really old, but their Github appears to be active.

Really happy that we have @bigben in the fediverse. I had missed @big_ben_clock@twitter.com

If your town's fire engine doesn't fly the nation's flag can those fire fighters be trusted?

Imagine self hosting your own Snapchat using Pixelfed and a mobile app like @fedilab that supports multiple user interfaces!

#pixelfed #selfHost

@alexbuzzbee Instagram allows for comments on ads, which feels like a weird feature to me

@t that makes sense, thanks for the response.

Excited to try out microblog.pub!

@wuwei agreed, I'm really hoping more news outlets follow suit

@danny I have no experience with it, but Trilium might be worth a try: github.com/zadam/trilium it supports Evernote import/export and much more

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