If your town's fire engine doesn't fly the nation's flag can those fire fighters be trusted?

Imagine self hosting your own Snapchat using Pixelfed and a mobile app like @fedilab that supports multiple user interfaces!

#pixelfed #selfHost

I wish Mastodon had a way to annotate users.

Like, I would love to tag people with 'not interested in roleplay" or "Not interested in my gender" as I am REALLY bad at remembering things like that, and am constantly checking people's profiles for their names/orientations and not everyone has those there

@t loading your profile from within Mastodon, it displays your latest post as this one microblog.pub/note/18b1523cb6e, but I can see that you've posted much more recently. Is this a known issue?

mastodon 2.0: we all move into a big house together


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