Howto: Use Firejail to enhance Privacy on Linux (Pinephone/Pinetab shown but any Linux machine can benefit from these Firejail tips). Partly meant to be a sequel for my previous videos: Tor Browser on the Pinephone & as Firejail Part II.

Pinebook Pro shipping has now started. PinePhone BE destined for EU countries should start arriving next week.

Next week is Labour Day (May 1st holiday) in China, and there will be no dispatch/ shipping taking place until May 10th.

Details here:

Chrome Browser user? Are you aware of the new advertising tracking system? Less traditional tracking and more of a user categorization system. Your browsing behavior putting you into a "FLoC?" Much like a Flock of birds, your behavior links you to what it believes is like minded users. Some A percentage of Chrome users are unknowing participants in the testing. Are you? Check your Chrome status here:

Signal Messenger's New Blog Post reporting Smartphone Data Extraction tool Cellebrite (itself) carries multiple vulnerabilities. The breakdown is worth a read.

is one of the last bastions of . Alternative access routes: catch suspects by surprise w/disk unlocked, , , , push seeded updates to device.. Many alternatives. *But*.. w/out backdoors you can't mass scan all messengers. 🤔

: Apps/performance: , Librewolf (/#Security Fork), , , , all on .

makes like Pinetab. Latest update mentions it may become available once again this summer (possibly!). One thing I love using it for is - super thin/compact great size touchscreen for it. (Sorry: no video editing after breaking my usb cable 😁 sorry for quality)

Just discovered (Podcast on hardware) is now searchable/downloadable from my favorite /#Pinetab app: ! Playing on media player. Nice way to keep up with developments. 😀 And newer episode was released right after I uploaded this picture:

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