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Hi, it is a while ago that I post here some news. I change from TWM to CWM.

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hrt++, lewd ish 

i have boobs !!!!! (kinda)

still can't believe it tbh

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Nude you viewing pleasure 😘/Onlyfan self promotion ✨/Boost highly appreciated 😳 


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selfie , eye contact , boost ok 

Still miou du matin mais la je fais bien semblant d'etre reveille depuis longtemps :meowuwu:
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Put it in your ~/.twmrc and it will work after a restart πŸ˜ƒ

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I think this is a better way to share my config Files. πŸ˜†

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For everyone they like Terminal Tools. :terminal:

cmus - Music Player
feh - Image Viewer
scrot - Screenshots
figlet - Nice Fonts

Trying a new color theme for my TWM, i think i like this too. 😊

My first try to create my own Midnight Commander skin.

I am happy when i can get some feedback pls. 😊

Any one now is the a max Pic size here for Upload? I think my last Picture is not clear to see. πŸ€”

I set up a new color Theme for TWM. 😍 Like it.

Any more TWM user her? πŸ€”

Nice new Fonts in my TWM. 😍 :vim: :openbsd:

Sensitive because is old, realy old. :D Not for everyone.

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