Hot Emacs Tip of the day: There is a `where-is` command that prompts you for a command (e.g. `switch-to-buffer-other-window`) and tells you what key binding invokes that command.

I just discovered that Alt-h in zsh opens the manpage for whatever command you have typed in. Where has this been all my life?

Izzy: What's your love language?
Me: Hm... pancakes. Or Prolog.

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Everyone who uses Git knows what they're doing and fully understands every command that they enter. --force is simply the most efficient option.

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LinkedIn Premium is $40 per _month_!? That's more than I spend on gas!

I've watched many Strange Loop talks, but this one is my favorite:
"Poems in an accidental language" by Kate Compton

Many of them have rather unique syntax.

My first fp language was Scheme 48, which is a good choice for sheer simplicity, but comes with oodles of parentheses.

Haskell could be interesting as it's designed to resemble math notation, but even I still have trouble parsing ML syntax. Also you'd probably have to talk about ADTs which is a whole additional layer of stuff to explain.

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If you were going to teach someone a functional language as their first programming language, which language would you choose?

Apparently my Google is rapidly approaching EOL, but is still in great shape. I was thinking about putting Ubuntu Touch on it. Any other recommendations?

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We developers ride the hype train so hard. Here's some hot takes for you:

- TailwindCSS is basically just inline styles
- Phoenix LiveView is incredibly hard to debug
- Rust's type annotations are nearly inscrutible; lifetimes and borrowing make me pull my hair out

Having difficulty reading your laptop screen outside? Try using a light theme instead of a dark one; it helps a bit.

phi-search for Emacs ( is really good! Sad I only just recently discovered it (and it appears unmaintained 😢).


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