Being back in an office has its perks, even for health. I have a Garmin fitness tracker, and I'm getting like halfway to my daily goals for steps taken and floors climbed without even thinking about it. Next I should start biking here, I don't live super far away.

@Juliusdelta Welcome to the modern web! Blech.

I was a little shocked when I noticed that Reddit had started restricting what you could read without an account. They've gotten too big for their britches. Nowadays I mostly stick to Hacker News and try not to read too much of that. I miss Reddit, but sort of in the way a dieter might miss deep-fried food.

Last I knew, the best way to go was Slide for Android and with RES. Amazing how the best products come from the community.

Redgate SQL Source Control is better than nothing, but sometimes it just acts funky. I went to the Get Latest tab in SSMS today while my tests were running in a SQL Test tab, and an error started popping up. Even after the tests finished, it would pop up every time I went to Commit or Get Latest. Had to back up & restore from the test environment to get it working again...

It's weird to look at Twitter from the outside. "Join us! Join us!" cry out the little banners and popups and login screens. "Download the mobile app!"

Well, I tried. Several times, actually. Invariably Twitter would lock me out after a few hours and demand my phone number. When I entered it, it shook its head menacingly and said "Please enter your mobile phone number." (Turns out my number is registered as a landline and I'd probably have to change my number to fix it.)

I'm good.

Is it just me or is Netlify's dark mode unusable in Firefox? Some of the numbers and buttons are white on white!

@ndanes @person @brandon Agree! I used to have a large collection of music mainly ripped from YouTube, but it was disorganized and lacked metadata like artist names and album pictures. I tried Spotify, but didn't like the subscription model and the feeling that artists weren't getting much. Now I'm happy to have a new collection from Bandcamp, Patreon, Amazon Music, and a CD rip or two. It's neatly organized into folders, usually came with metadata, and I own it.

@ingsoc Haha, makes sense. Nothing wrong with being passionate about a text editor, but you wouldn't want someone so opinionated that it becomes a problem!

@ingsoc But seriously, I use VS Code or Notepad++ at work. At home, it's usually the default Ubuntu GUI text editor. More rarely, Nano or Vim. So I guess Vim beats out Emacs for me so far, but not by much. I don't have anything against either.

@ingsoc Neither! I actually can't stand people who don't use Atom. At this point, it would be impossible for me to give up that sweet, sweet 500ms typing latency and >500mb memory footprint.

@centi Never have! I haven't really peeked under the hood at C#'s internals yet

@centi Wow, creating your own runtime sounds pretty interesting. Thank you!

@samanthasometimes Atomic Habits by James Clear! And it's also what gave me the idea originally 😄

@person That it is! I decided to pull the trigger today after lurking on and off for some time.

Day 1 of keeping a book on top of my phone. Now when I go to grab my phone and scroll through social media, I grab the book instead!

Yet another developer here who appreciates open source, privacy, and decentralization. Huge thank you to everyone who made this possible, it's really cool!

@zanko If you use a password manager like Bitwarden, you could just search the vault for your Gmail address and update/delete all the resulting entries.


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