It's weird to look at Twitter from the outside. "Join us! Join us!" cry out the little banners and popups and login screens. "Download the mobile app!"

Well, I tried. Several times, actually. Invariably Twitter would lock me out after a few hours and demand my phone number. When I entered it, it shook its head menacingly and said "Please enter your mobile phone number." (Turns out my number is registered as a landline and I'd probably have to change my number to fix it.)

I'm good.

@ixbo This reminds me of trying to visit a reddit thread in a mobile browser. It's totally unusable thanks to their native mobile app download prompts. You can't even read a full thread in the browser cause clicking on the "view full thread" is just a link to the App Store :/

@Juliusdelta Welcome to the modern web! Blech.

I was a little shocked when I noticed that Reddit had started restricting what you could read without an account. They've gotten too big for their britches. Nowadays I mostly stick to Hacker News and try not to read too much of that. I miss Reddit, but sort of in the way a dieter might miss deep-fried food.

Last I knew, the best way to go was Slide for Android and with RES. Amazing how the best products come from the community.

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