Please, please, please, don't make things look like links if they're not links! These attractive pink underlined words look like they lead to juicy info about the presentations at this conference, but in reality they aren't even clickable!

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Dashers aren't stupid. They know that the difference between a profitable Doordash delivery and one where they earn less than they spend on gas is the size of the tip they get at the end of the job.

Of course, Doordash knows this too. The company - a corporate predator with a history of wage theft and worker misclassification - knows that its only hope of sustainability is to make real, profitable businesses like restaurants dependent on it.


I found a nice HTML semantics cheatsheet: learn-the-web.algonquindesign.

I didn't know about HTML description lists! (<dl>, <dt>, and <dd> tags.)

The trick is that package maintainers specify exactly how to build each package for every desired configuration/env/platform, and this is done for all packages all the way down to libc and stuff. So Nix has perfect knowledge of the entire dependency graph. No more "works on my machine"; it will always use the *exact* version and configuration of python3 that you used for your Python project, whether it's your machine or your coworker's. Same for all python3's dependencies.

See also: Guix.

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Let me try anyway... The paper clearly explains the why and how of NixOS. I think I finally "get" what NixOS is!

It solves software deployment. No more missing/broken deps, partially failed installs, conflicting libraries, etc. NixOS builds every package *and dep* from scratch (or uses a cached binary), installs to a unique path, and uses tricks like symlinks to quickly and safely add/remove packages from your environment as desired!

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Wondered what the big deal with NixOS is, found this fascinating paper from 2004:

TL;DR: I can't fit this into a reasonable number of toots, just go read the paper! 😄

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No matter how well-intentioned, @Apple is rolling out mass surveillance to the entire world with this. Make no mistake: if they can scan for kiddie porn today, they can scan for anything tomorrow.

They turned a trillion dollars of devices into iNarcs—*without asking.*

I'm exploring both NixOS and KDE Plasma. Plasma has a built-in clipboard manager... and it'll generate bar codes so you can quickly copy-paste URLS and bits of text to your phone. How cool is that?

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Let's assume for a moment that an ultra-powerful incorruptible superintelligent strong AI system existed and that it was friendly, in the AI safety sense of truly sharing your values. In other words, it would make all the right decisions for you if you let it.

Also, you have a mathematical proof (created by humans before the AI was constructed) that this AI is safe/friendly.

Given this situation, would you be willing to give all political and economic power to this AI?

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In a perfect fediverse you'd be able to subscribe to other sites' local timelines.

Thanks for all the great responses! Fosstodon is such a cool community!

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How do you track spending? Do you do it at the moment you buy something or do you do it later in batches? What software do you use, if any?

I want to log all of my purchases somewhere, but it might be difficult to keep in the habit of sitting down once every week or two to reconstruct everything from my banking site, my credit card site, and my memory.

Set up Tailscale (mesh VPN) recently. Super easy! It allowed me to take my Synology off the public internet, yet still sync photos to it from my phone, and without having to run a VPN server and worry about keys and firewalls and stuff. Everything is protected via my GitHub login with MFA required. And all on the free plan... I'm a happy customer. 😊

Being back in an office has its perks, even for health. I have a Garmin fitness tracker, and I'm getting like halfway to my daily goals for steps taken and floors climbed without even thinking about it. Next I should start biking here, I don't live super far away.

Redgate SQL Source Control is better than nothing, but sometimes it just acts funky. I went to the Get Latest tab in SSMS today while my tests were running in a SQL Test tab, and an error started popping up. Even after the tests finished, it would pop up every time I went to Commit or Get Latest. Had to back up & restore from the test environment to get it working again...

It's weird to look at Twitter from the outside. "Join us! Join us!" cry out the little banners and popups and login screens. "Download the mobile app!"

Well, I tried. Several times, actually. Invariably Twitter would lock me out after a few hours and demand my phone number. When I entered it, it shook its head menacingly and said "Please enter your mobile phone number." (Turns out my number is registered as a landline and I'd probably have to change my number to fix it.)

I'm good.

Is it just me or is Netlify's dark mode unusable in Firefox? Some of the numbers and buttons are white on white!

Day 1 of keeping a book on top of my phone. Now when I go to grab my phone and scroll through social media, I grab the book instead!

Yet another developer here who appreciates open source, privacy, and decentralization. Huge thank you to everyone who made this possible, it's really cool!


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