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#fluffychat 0.30.0 has been released today πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ with a big refactoring under the hood, a lot of bug fixes, better room alias management, minor design improvements, Linux desktop notifications aaaaaaaand Linux arm64 support. 🐧

In theory it should run on #pinephone or #librem5 but I have no device to test it. Anyone here who wants to try and send me screenshots? πŸ™‚

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If you use Linux and have an interest in gaming, you should check out @gamingonlinux :

Please also consider giving them a small monthly donation to support their work πŸ™‚ (LibreaPay, Patreon, Paypal, etc..).

They are the only gaming website I use, and I really appreciate their work!
#gaming #linux

FB vs EU 

What do you think will be the likely outcome of Facebook's alleged emigration regarding Europe?

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RIGHT!!! Riot has turned on End-to-End Encryption by default for all private conversations, and Cross-Signing device verification has landed and is live (and 🀞 performant!) πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Huge amounts of work went into this: has the overview.

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The #Librem5 team and community have done an incredible job with the phone's first-use experience. Getting started part 1 video: #Purism #PureOS #Linux #GNOME

Thank you all for your input. @neildarlow That's where my train of thought ended up, I'd just need to set up a period to break even based on expected work and go from there.
I'm still more of a hobbyist but it's good to be thinking past that for longetivity.

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To fellow hobbyists and the like, how do you evaluate total printing costs from making-a-profit point of view? Specifically, I'm trying to pin a cost on physical wear in relation to material and print time :arduino:

Can't believe I havent tooted for a year.. well, actually, it's very plausible. Been quite busy with other stuff and lately with new projects as well.
:fosstodon: To sum my year up, I've managed to:
- Switch to AMD and the respective open sourced drivers
- Set up a local Nextcloud instance alongside a renewed Pi-hole :raspberrypi:
- Upgrade my peripherals to support A/V projects better
- Invest in a 3D printer for prototyping and self-education

Whew! Busy stuff, yet very rewarding πŸ€—

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This is..... concerning. It has the potential to effect people beyond the borders of the United States, and I have a hard time thinking that impact will be a net positive.

"Congress warns tech companies: Take action on encryption, or we will - CNET"

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The first Librem 5 smartphones are shipping β€œThis is a big moment, not just for us as a company, but for everyone concerned about issues of privacy, security, and user freedom. The Librem 5 represents years of work, building the software and hardware required to make this phone a reality.” - Todd Weaver, founder and CEO of #Purism #Librem5 #Librem5Aspen #Linux #LinuxPhone #LinuxMobile #GNOME #FOSS

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We’ve published a Librem 5 Batch FAQ to answer the community's questions from last week's shipping announcement. We will update the FAQ regularly #purism #librem5

It's been a while but this little arm-project has kept me so distracted lately. Tons to learn but I finally managed to squeeze in coupled with Unbound + DNS over TLS. That'll do for starters, I don't want to break my setup now with anything too complex βš’

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Tinkering with my new ought to keep me busy for a while especially since I'm a total flapper with this kind of stuff πŸ‘€

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it could be argued that failure to understand why deniability is important comes from a position of having lived a life of privilege β€” when you don’t have any potential consequences from random people viewing your data then you have no incentive to properly secure it.

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Facebook is the least trusted tech company, for handling personal data:

I have been wondering: how quickly could a site like Facebook die? I think it could happen very quickly, if there were an alternative platform. Once the network effect shifts from Facebook to something else, it's basically Myspace city. The challenge is establishing that network effect somewhere else.

I remember this one time during a briefing where I was trying to troubleshoot why my laptop had connectivity issues.

A tech guy walked by so I asked him if there were issues with the network, to which he first replied:
"What's that, some kind of Linux, huh?"

5 minutes after he left I was up and running again. For some reason my resolv.conf file wasn't updated in that particular network.

Ticket solved 🐞 No thanks to "IT guy"

Since deleting my account I made a statement not to order anything from Amazon and while it proves challenging to buy things abroad, I'm actually proud not having succumbed to watering the Gremlins β˜”πŸ‘Ή

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Good morning. Did anybody notice that Microsoft is selling Linux now?

"Microsoft Announces $20 Linux-Based Distro for Windows 10"

I had been refraining from upgrading my build, which still has some of the original parts from my very first one, until these news. This will be the last major rebuild I'll do for the sake of upgrading.

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