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Violin learning, vegan 

I want to start a small threat about my experience about learning violin and trying to be consistent with veganism, as maybe is useful to others wondering or thinking about doing it

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@aspie4K @pants @balrogboogie As for decentralisation, it's not centralisation of algorithms that capitalists seek, it's centralisation of power. Money is just a token for power. Bitcoin scared capitalists at first, because it felt like it could remove some of their power to control the fiction that is money; but they quickly figured how own it—capitalism is truly incredibly innovative, I'm talking of course of innovating new excuses for the owners to loot the commons—by using their capital for massive mining operations. Decentralised money is not a threat to power if they own all the bitcoins.

This is how we ended up in this situation where capitalists are literal Capitain Planet pollution-villains, literally burning down the environment to produce nothing but "profit", pure abstract profit (bitcoins), whole ecosystems being ground into deserts just to produce the imaginary pieces of crypto that will justify their continued ownership of everything.

In this bitcoin is the perfect simile for capitalism itself, and the apocalypse it created.

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This piece by @bbbhltz is wonderful! Written beautifully in a way I just would love to be able to, and sums up my thoughts on the privacy rabbit hole as well.

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Below zero will be out of early access on May so I think I have enough time to forget about water for a while and get back to it happily.

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I finished Subnautica today and really liked it. I don't remember playing a game that immersive, although I rushed the end a little bit (after almost 60h).

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now this is what I'm talking about! On Images must always include a description for accessibility:.
That makes my cynical heart think there may be some hope yet.

#a11y #accessibility #Gemini #Gempub

I was today at the music school and while I was practicing before class, my teacher was playing in the next room, with another student, Howl's Moving Castle main theme. Just stopped and listened for a while, that violin is honestly beautiful.

And maybe for other people as well who can relate

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I think it would be beneficial for me having a blog to share thoughts

Instant messaging frustration, social contact overwhelm 

This makes me ask myself if IM is truly a good tool when you have to answer a lot of people and that "ghosting" impression starts to form on the other person's mind.

Moving to new platforms and having less people to talk, made me appreciate more the conversations that I have, even tho that the same thing still happens as they extend to weeks.

Definitely missing having face to face contact a lot lately.

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Instant messaging frustration, social contact overwhelm 

I would say normally I consider instant messaging a good thing. It brings people together, specially in the current situation and yet, in my personal experience sometimes is really frustrating, sending messages that never get answered or take days/weeks to do so. Now I can deal with it better just because I understood how people can lack the energy that is needed to reach back and of course they are not to be blamed.

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Boosts appreciated.
I'm close to moving back to Windows. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to hold oneself back, deny oneself better and easier accessibility in the name of open source, when many open source developers don't give a crap about accessibility, and/or don't educate themselves on it. KDE connect, GSConnect, all were inaccessible for one reason or another, not the least because of Gnome-shell's terrible accessibility issues. That was just the last straw. With the only thing holding me to Linux being Emacs+Emacspeak, I think its time to quit Linux and just use what actually works. It's interesting how being "free" just means being under the power and whim of other people, a mass of developers who have no insentive for accessibility, rather than a cohesive company who does. This is serious, and I want every developer to understand this, understand my deep frustration with FOSS.

#FOSS #Linux #KDE #a11y #accessibility #Windows #comunism #capitalism #software #developers

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Hi I'm looking for work again

Notable experience: I wrote the Mastodon documentation and I help manage Pixelfed


Looking for documentation, technical writing, could also do Github issue triage or junior programming, project/product management

Can be either a permanent role or a temporary contract thing

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If you think Mastodon should require captions or at least require explicitly opting out of posting a caption when posting images and videos, please add a 👍 reaction to this issue on GitHub and boost this post.

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Signal messenger 

And what I'd say to the libre/hacker communities is to bear in mind that Signal isn't designed for you.

I believe as a project, it was originally conceived as an intervention into the messaging space to promote what is now known as the Signal protocol.

It's actually been very successful at this as big messaging players such as WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Google shit and Signal derivative such as Wire has adopted the protocol to various extents.

However, we know the implementation of E2E crypto into proprietary platforms is very problematic if there's no way to tell it's been implemented correctly.

It's also been useful for the libre software community. Olm on Matrix and OMEMO for XMPP are based on the Signal protocol and are probably the best hope for decentralised E2E encrypted communications. Though they have some advanatages over Signal, both of these platforms still don't perform as well in terms of metadata privacy as Signal.

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Earthlings, American (age restricted) documentary film about humanity's use of other animals as pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and for scientific research. Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.

I must caution the viewer that this documentary contains shocking content.

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"LeGemini" project. Gemini over LORA using a small e-ink display device.
gemini link: gemini://

Finished FW yesterday and started Subnautica. The diving experience in the latter is amazing. For someone like me that does not like water at all, is even scary sometimes.

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Currently playing Firewatch (I think I have one hour left aprox). Although I am enjoying it, I think I want a more immersive experience like Subnautica.

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