Man I am enjoying Dyson Sphere Program. It's like factorio, but actually in space. And you can fly between different planets, and each planet has different resources. And the end goal is to build a Dyson sphere around your home star. Really cool.

Also it is much less complex than factorio, and it is all in 3D. I love it 😃

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So I came up with the greatest workflow now, abstract enough such that I can easily add all kinds of stages to it. Unfortunately that involved me putting json into file paths, and now some of the stages fail since they expect "easy" filenames, without quotes, spaces, braces and whatnot.

I can really recommend this tool for building different research pipelines, but it is still a lot of work to use it for anything bigger.

Is there a server where I can toot in German, English and Finnish?

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Who is THE WORLD'S BEST superhero

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Well, I'll Be Damned!
The top ten reasons Eternal Damnation is better than Windows Software Development
by John Walker
May 3rd, 1996

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Posted on Twitter about Toot.Ninja and they deleted / shadow banned the tweet....I guess they're worried about some competition!

After realising that most people in this place try to not be racist, I was wondering if it is possible for a whole mastodon instance to block another one. There is this one instance that my one did not block, which I blocked after seeing two different consistent far-right accounts. Do the people that own this instance block "the worst" other instances, or do they just block nothing? I mean it might also make sense to not block anything, to allow users from this instance to confront other users.

Anyone watched ? It's an amazing feel-good movie with some nice workplace humour. Poor accountant 😄

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some alarming climate stats

# bitcoin
685 kWh per transaction
326 Kg of CO2
equivalent to 100,000 VISA transactions.

# ethereum
35 kWh per transaction
20 Kg of CO2
equivalent to driving car 100km or electricity consumption of a European for 4 days

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Professionelles Haarschneidegerät kurzfristig ab zu geben, meistbietend! #Gebraucht

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I almost feel like making a sarcastic twitter account that mocks working at an enterprise company.

My company today has decided to change the title of all translators to "Language Managers".

I don't even....

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Der Verfassungsschutz will offenbar die gesamte AfD zum Verdachtsfall erklären. Nach Informationen des ARD-Hauptstadtstudios könnte die Einstufung bereits kommende Woche erfolgen. Dann könnten ihre Mitglieder observiert und V-Leute eingesetzt werden.
AfD soll offenbar Fall für den Verfassungsschutz werden

@Tusky the app is really great and works without problems. Just one thing: changing tabs via swipe should be much less sensitive. I often end up changing tabs when trying to scroll.

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What is the full list of coins that can be used to buy and sell things on Particularly, do any of them not support Proof of Work i.e. are environmentally-friendly?

The energy footprint of cryptocurrencies is extreme. Is there any energy-efficient solution in sight?


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