Technology/music best of both worlds. Join us if you have nothing else to do. 😉

FOSS takes over with @ *Organized Chaos! on @ 00:00 UTC on ANONRADIO.NET

*nobody is harmed during the hour, nor is any commercial or closed source software used. 😎

UTC Conversion = Today at 8:00 PM EST 😜

Happy Sunday! This is the day the internet breaks. As it appears everyone will be streaming the final GOT through traditional and IPTV sources. Are we ready?!? 🤪🤪🤪

Anyone here using Zabbix? How do you like it? What could be improved? Thanx in advance!

5min or work and a world of possibilities. Live boot pure os and follow this link. You can extract usr and pwd to use with PIA OVPN cfg files. Yeah Boooieee! Now we getting full value of service 🙂

While I understand an individual was doing bad things. Lastpass while unable to give pwds, gave tons of information to the DEA with ip and session info to correlate timelines. While the author in all fairness did list cloud storage as a pro and con, the fact he is using a closed source app when authoring an article for a Linux rag just screams blasphemy! Local encrypted keepass dB and e2e nextcloud sync. IMO would be the best option with Bitwarden close 2nd if you really want cloud w/single vend

I love LinuxJournal have been supporting/reading them for what feels like a lifetime. But, I really have to question their Password Manager deep dive. When the author utilized Lastpass you have to call into question the overall validity of the article and the skill of the author.

To be continued...

The ultimate cheat sheet?

* curl or browser interface
* 56 programming languages
* several DBMSes
* 1000+ UNIX commands
* CLI interface too (
* Use directly from code editors

#Linux #UNIX #CheatSheet #FOSS #FLOSS #SysAdmin

Hackers Abuse ASUS Cloud Service To Install Backdoor On Users' PCs

@SinisterMrCream @PINE64 Amen! So far I’m blown away with the performance. Totally exceeds my expectations I had previously set. So far has been the best value imo.

Fosstodon + Pinebook = Full on Geekfest! 👍 Never leave anything stock but KDE plasma is so responsive no reason to change. If this is a representation of what the phone will be like I am so there! @PINE64

@SubSonicGroove with that list of hobbies you should also check out many a ham enthusiast. Enjoy!

To date rclone has to be the most incredibly useful piece of software developed. I love it!

We strive to make Firefox a great experience. Last weekend we failed, and we’re sorry.

More here, but one call out: if you enabled telemetry to get the initial fix, we’re deleting all data collected since May 4 to respect your choice as much as possible. tweeted by @Firefox

Big things a coming for UbuntuMate, keep your eyes open.

@mike got the stickers. Way cool will look fantastic on the arriving pinebook, 👍

Who wants to take a bet next week we have yet another Facebook scandal?

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