Don't tell me fosstodon is jumping on the censorship bandwagon. Say it isn't so.

For those licking their lips waiting for a , we've got a lot of news for you today!

- Preorders launch on July 25th
- Built-in privacy switches
- The current OS outlook
- And more!

Twidere is an interesting app. Still all in with fedilab but.....these guys also support friendica fully and the occasional flip to the bluebird if you need a peek.

Inspiring the young. Going over post elementary setup as she prepares to partake in girls who code. Let's she what she learns this summer.

One of my old friends at the Huntsville Rocket and Space Museum in Alabama.

Happy 30th Birthday /bin/bash! Thanks to its developers Brian Fox and Chet Ramey and all those who have contributed to it.

When a service provider had an issue and you can't login. Wouldn't it be in good taste to up date status?

Who is using MXLinux here? I had some time to kill and spun it up, OMG first time a distro found all network adapters. :-) I like these

twittlate seems pretty cool. Diehard fedilab user but this is pretty good.

Haha totally geekin' out. F' the haters Proton gets mad love! I love this desktop background. Still too much white space in pic two lol. 😁

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