Just dropped my phone for the 256th time and the glass finally cracked. Looks pretty bad, there are splinters coming out, etc.

Guess it's finally time to move on. I had a Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge which served me surprisingly well for five years (thanks to /e/ OS from @efoundation for the software support while it lasted).

Anyway, I just ordered a from @shiftphones. Super excited! The recent @postmarketOS news definitely influenced my decision:



@efoundation @shiftphones @postmarketOS

Update: It arrived! Yesterday, in fact. Went super fast.

My first impressions are good. I managed to get ShiftOS-L (Google-free, based on Android 10) and postmarketOS both installed at the same time so I can dual-boot. I also unlocked the bootloader and all this without voiding my guarantee.

Friggin epic!

Thanks to the wiki and matrix crowd for helping me figure things out. Look forward to playing more with this thing.

@iooioio @efoundation @shiftphones @postmarketOS I would be interested to know more too. It would be great if you could follow up with your experience.

@iooioio Why not 5G if they use an Qualcomm processor, and how can it costs 633 eur (655 including device deposit) when it lacks a lot of important features for devices for more than 500 EUR?

@forza4 @iooioio The 5G part idk, but for the price: it's an ethically produced device like FairPhone and they don't have the huge customer base bigger companies do. That's what you pay for. Honestly, all the non-ethically produced devices are _way_ too cheap and it should be made mandatory to produce devices like #SHIFT and #FairPhone do, including their prices.

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