Anyone know how to get out of ? I hear there are no flights or trains. Perhaps private shuttle buses or something like that?

Specifically interested in getting from Kropyvnytskyi (Кропивни́цький) to the EU (or at least further west) somehow.

Asking for a family member.

Boosts appreciated.

Thank you to everyone for your boosts and replies. We're grateful for them all. My contact (sister-in-law) is well and sitting tight. The roads sound dangerous and there have been no attacks in her city yet...

Of course that can change any moment so it's good to know what her options are. Her things are packed and she is ready.

Good news! Last night, my sister-in-law arrived safely at our place in Berlin. She ended up traveling from via Moldova, Romania and Poland. It was an exhausting journey, but she received a lot of hearfelt help along the way - in particular in .

Thanks again to everyone for all your support!

@iooioio Good luck to you. Borders of Poland are open for refugees from Ukraine. Only passport needed, no visa.

@iooioio maybe migration by foot? uhm... i know hard but i have 0 ideas

@iooioio i am an American and do not have personal experience with trying flee a country at war, I have just tried to pay attention to stories of modern refugers.

My guess for most similar situation is with refugees fleeing Syria. The people who made it out to tell their story found a smuggler who knows the route and who to bribe to get through check points and battle lines and pay a bunch of money for their services.

Also prepare for some long hikes.

@iooioio before the war, blablacar was an option, but now I didn't find any rides from Kropyvnytskyi
Also there is volunteer service which tries to help to evacuate, you should file a form

@odesa This is exactly what I was hoping for. Many thanks! <3

@odesa Update: She filled in the form shortly after you sent us the link but no response yet. It's been quiet in her city so perhaps there isn't much traffic there right now.

@iooioio From what the news say, the roads leading west seem to be just one big traffic jam because so many people are fleeing. I read yesterday evening something about someone starting in Kiew by car and only getting 35 km in Western direction within several hours.

So if fleeing is still the only sensible option, your relative should probably not use direct and main roads, I assume? Even bad roads will be better than full ones. If they don't have their own car, maybe it's possible to find someone who can take them with them. Very important would be to bring enough food & water for a couple of days.
I assume it's not wise to head to Poland, because everyone is trying to go there, but instead to Slovakia, Hungary, or Romania. Hungary probably being a bad choice for political reasons / how refugees are usually treated there.
At the moment, it looks as if Ukrainian refugees will be welcome in EU countries, so it hopefully won't be a problem to cross the borders.

@iooioio (Please take my advice with a grain of salt; I'm writing this from my comfy home office in Germany, so I don't exactly know anything about the actual situation and can only make assumptions.)

@iooioio this guy is in Romania. He says they are accepting 500k refugees, but he also says there are hundreds of thousands at the border already so I don't know if that's helpful. Might be worth following him since he is relatively close.

@iooioio I saw this on FB, I can't guarantee the information is invalid - I hope it's not some russian misinformation. Take it for what is worth.

Powodzenia, przyjacielu.

The mission lifeline organization is organizing a convoy. Also, terre des hommes is offering help.
Here are some more help websites and telegram chats with evacuation contacts:

@iooioio What I’ve read so far is that people are walking during hours towards the west. Sometimes they start using a car until they run out of gas.

I have no advice however.

Looking at the map, might be complicated to reach the West right now from that position (if they are still there). I don’t know if it’s best for them to avoid cities and going through countryside, or the other way. And it’s cold out there.


@iooioio Just saw this: in this tweet, there’s a link to a Telegram channel/message where The Kyiv Independent has posted schedules of evacuation trains leaving today from Kiyv. Don’t know if there are from other places, but might be useful information.

@iooioio in Lviv and oblast here we prepared quarterage for people from other Ukrainian regions. U can check train station in your city. For now, ukrzaliznytsia has free trains for people who wants to evacuate.
@iooioio напишу українською, ак простіше. Телефонуйте в адміністрацію або на залізничну станцію в вашому місті та дізнавайтесь, коли відходять потяги. Укрзалізниця запускає багато потягів безоплатно до західних областей. Але будь-ласка, не розповсюджуйте цю інформацію ніде в соцмережах і не повідомляйте її там, де про неї можуть дізнатися ті, для кого вона не призначена.
@iooioio oh, u don't know Ukrainian I think.

But please sent my previous message to yo your friends in Ukraine, they will understand this and will know what to do.

@finn Yeah, thanks. I can only piece together fragments on my own but I used DeepL to translate it and forwarded the original.

@iooioio Поділіться, будь ласка, бо є багато дезінформації.
Please share, 'cos there is much misinformation.

Польсько-український кордон відкритий, пропускають усіх бажаючих. Навіть якщо хтось втратив свої документи - звісно, знадобиться додаткова перевірка, але з безпечної сторони. Притулки та припаси є не лише вздовж кордону, а й у всій Польщі.

The Polish-Ukrainian border is open, everyone is allowed. Even if one lost their documents -- of course, there would be some additional scrutiny needed, but on safe side. There are shelters and supplies not only along the border, but in all of Poland.

@iooioio wish you and everyone safety. From a friend in Indonesia.

@iooioio Slovakia also lets refugees from Ukraine in, also there are help groups and laws being passed to help with integration

@iooioio Krościenko PL/UA Смільниця border pass is said to be one of less crowded for now, "only" 12km queue.

@iooioio According to Kyiv Independent news service: Ukrzaliznytsia is running evacuation trains from Kyiv.The state railway is running 15 services to locations in western Ukraine on Feb. 26. Timetable at

@iooioio I don't know if this is of any help to you, but I just saw this. However, that would only be from the border

@resieguen Oh yeah, that will be handy once she reaches the border. Thanks!

@iooioio Польські залізниці (TLK, Polregio) є безкоштовними для біженців, також чеські залізниці мають подібну пропозицію. Зі Львова до Перемишля/Медики ходять польські потяги, також буде ходити маршрутний поїзд до Мостиська.

Polish railways (TLK, Polregio) are free for refugees, also Czech railways have similar offer. There are Polish trains from Lviv to Przemyśl/Medyka, also there'd be shuttle train to Mostiska.……
@iooioio #pleaseshare
Thousands of people are at the Ukrainian border, with food and an enormous amount of first aid and helpful supplies. Hundreds of cars are waiting to collect refugees and help them find homes and places to stay.
We are seeing misinformation and/or lack of information on the Ukrainian side.
Please help us help you and help us share the information that once the women and children reach the PL border they will be taken care of!

Тисячі людей зараз знаходяться біля кордону з Україною з їжею та великими запасами необхідних речей. Сотні авто чекають щоб забрати біженців та доставити до місця тимчасового прихістку.
Ми спостеригаємо невірну або недостатню інформацію в Україні.
Допоможіть допомогти вам і розповсюдити інформацію, що як тільки жінки та діти досягнуть кордону Польщі, про них подбають!

#Ukraine #Poland #refugees
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