Wtf is Firefox Suggest and how do I turn it off?

> Note: If you see "Firefox Suggest" entries in address bar suggestions but you do not see the above setting to show Firefox Suggest in the address bar, you may be part of an active study for improving the Firefox Suggest feature.

Well damn.

There's an "Allow Firefox to install and run studies" option hidden in the settings. It's off. Why am I getting this, @mozilla?

@iooioio @mozilla My starting point for personal Firefox installs is and I don't remember having to manually disable any of this... although it's been a while since I reinstalled. I find it to be an excellent utility.

@mootParadox Cool! First time seeing this tool. I'll check it out.

@iooioio I use . It disables and removes the tracking and telemetry if you make an new profile (You could copy your old profile).

@graphonymous I recently installed on a different machine and I like it a lot, but it goes a bit too far for me. No tracking is good, but no locally persisted browser history at all? If I don't want to leave any tracks at all I might as well go all the way and use .

@iooioio I don't save history but I could in LibreWolf. You have to switch to custom privacy setting.

@graphonymous Oh. It is indeed possible. I missed that first time round. Thanks! It is now much more useful to me.

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