Just deleted my account.

I had announced this move weeks ago, mentioning I would be available via the usual channels (phone, email, etc.) and also via . That's it. No preaching, no convincing, no expectations.

To my surprise, more than 10% of the 100+ contacts I notified, downloaded and all my "important" contacts are now on Matrix!

I'm thrilled!

@iooioio You just destroyed "but my friends are there" argument :D

@iooioio Wow that's impressive! I might as well do that too.

@iooioio That's great news. I think I'm going to delete my WhatsApp today too. I did send out the notification but haven't followed through

@iooioio Signal can be really handy as a second chatting App for those who are less techincal. I like Matrix/Element more and also XMPP but Signal is just unbeatable when it comes to ease of use.

@iooioio I did the same, nobody followed me, now I have no friends

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