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Sabre is now antimony!

The "Sabre" trademark owners have kindly asked me to rename my project to avoid any trademark issues down the line.

I decided to rename the language to Antimony, named after the chemical element with the symbol "Sb".

Updated links:



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#FOSS frontend for Google Translate:

+ Doesn't require Javascript
+ Has all the languages
+ Simple UI
+ Google can't track you*
+ Can be self hosted or even be run on your own machine
- Doesn't have language Auto detect


* May depend on input. If you self host, use TOR.
** I would recommend trying ➡️ first, then this.

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CD Project RED uses #DMCA to struggle with the code leak. I hope copyright claims will somehow help CDPR in this unpleasant situation. But...

I think #CDPR could do something much more cool. What if they make this code free under #copyleft license?

Rogues who bought the code from hacker for $7,000,000 would be VERY sad. And no one could use the code in closed.

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Rather than saying "lives were saved", we should say "deaths were postponed".

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Having a good time setting up a bunch of services no one will use. :bucky_rave:
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Currently trying out (in a VM), hoping I can replace the OS running on my personal servers and maybe even my desktop/laptop machines with it.

Really liking it so far. Also, I was surprised how simple the installation is. Was expecting a style install procedure.

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Discussions on which programming language is the best compares to discussing whether a hammer or a screwdriver is the better tool.

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Anyone who is interested in voice control and privacy should support Mycroft:

They've struggled to get their consumer-grade product out for several years now, though the underlying software is open source and you can install it on any Linux machine today.

They released their backend under AGPL:

One major issue they've been dealing with is getting slammed by spurious lawsuits by patent trolls:

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"Hey everyone, I think that this thing XYZ is going to be really good for the environment." says Bill Gates, knowing full well that many of his investments are public.

Bill Gates isn't a dumbass. Just because someone publicly advocates for something and then also has money in that doesn't mean they've definitively got some hidden agenda.

It means they've put their money where their mouth is!

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Thinking about moving back to after months of

I enjoy the idea of plaintext files and pure pgp, but
- the hassle of setting up a new computer
- the hit-miss integration with Firefox on linux
- the impossible integration with Firefox on windows
- the leaking of metadata through the directory structure

I am just not sure it's worth it anymore. Security is not simply about cryptography. It's also about ease of use. If too complicated, you'll just start working around the system.

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C++, you're a monster
m_pMapping = std::unique_ptr<LegacyMidiControllerMapping>(

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tip of the day:

gj to move down in a long wrapped line,
gk to move up in the line.

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#K9Mail, the best free software Android mail app, is looking for funding ❤️:

(If you are into this sort of thing, you can also discuss this on HN:

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