consigna de escritura: armen un relato de ciencia ficción medio beat, medio gauchesco ambientado en la sede solarpunk de la Escuela Científica Basilio en Lobos. pueden aprovecharse de las fantasías del cosmismo ruso y/o del esoterismo de Lugones.

@plantarum I stuck some years ago with the same problem, while i have a decent processor i have only 2 gb of ram.

R loads raster in memory so i get stuck even before than analyse, i just need do boolean operations so I split the raster in multiple files, then do the operations and then union again.

The new size allows me load in memory multiple files. The package "parallel" do the work to analyse multiple files if you have multiple cores

So if anyone is still looking for an instance or you want to help start a community, you can join here!

It's gonna be a pretty wholesome place so if you are interested you can join. If you are already happy where you are at least help me boost so more people know of it :P

sounds like "skim reading" but also sounds like other thing lol

people of or : new here I'm looking for the proper hastag to talk about Project Euler.

Thanks in advance :ablobcateyesflip:

Yes, Google is kinda terrible even for advanced user today.

Much of site bookmarks that Google gave me before, now, it doesn't even show when I repeat the search, also Google scholar is worse now, but I can't explain how.

Traduciendo un poco una nota que acabo de leer, esta info puede ser relevante para algunos recien llegados.

En Twitter es común censurar palabras poniendo asteriscos o intercambiando letras (ej. c3ns*r*) para que estos no aparezcan en las búsquedas y con ello evitar posibles acosadores o bots de tendencias. Pero ya que casi todo el fedi tiene limitada las búsquedas a hashtags hacer esto no sólo es ineficaz sino que evitas que la palabra pueda ser leída por los filtros personales haciendo que alguien que quiera evitar ese contenido lo termine leyendo.

Se invita a hacer uso de los CW para contenidos sensibles o spoilers asi como a configurar los filtros con términos que no desees leer y con eso evitar potenciales altercado que contaminen el ambiente de la comunidad :toucan:

meta about Twitter and Mastodon 

Up to this point, I've been able to assume good faith with discussions on Mastodon. I hope that continues.

Even though this new visibility has brought in the trolls and people used to assuming bad faith in every interaction on a platform, I think the tools we have on Mastodon will allow us to continue to have an environment where good faith discussions are the norm.

As long as I remember that I have no obligation to follow or listen to anyone that shits in my cornflakes, I think I'll still have a good time here.

I don't need to argue with strangers on the Internet.

Boundaries are self-care.

Me interesa mucho saber cómo está por Mastodon la comunidad escritoril. ¿Me ayudáis a encontrar a más gentecilla involucrada en el mundo del libro?
No sólo escritores, también editores, correctores, traductores, incluso ilustradores (me valen también lectores!)... no sé, por ampliar mi red un poquito más ☺️

Hey users, I will suggest using tag insted of . It is more easy to follow because a single R could cause mixing topics with no related to the R software/users


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