Not going to lie. I fucking hate computers. Other people's computers, mostly, but there is an ample amount of hate directed at my own, too.

macOS and Windows exacerbate this by layering fucking mountain-loads of indirection and hand-holding. I hate being support for systems whose decades-long focus has been for single-user, home setups, not actual enterprise work.

Bandaids for bandaids. Goddamn.


@nathand I sent my family-support obligations chromebooks years ago, after tiring of supporting them. That's not so great either from a privacy-standpoint, but is _great_ from a never-have-to-provide-support standpoint.

If you're experiencing this at work though, we're all just as miserable as you are. The "senior" windows sysops throw up their hands, and somehow people's problems filter down to the linux/unix sysops.

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