We have just published another YaST Sprint Report: bcache support in AutoYaST, improved certificates management, correct detection of DASDs when using virtio-blk, installer UI fixes, etc. Check it out at lizards.opensuse.org/2019/03/1 /cc @opensuse

The YaST team used to rely on GitHub Services which are now deprecated. Some days ago we finished the transition to GitHub Webhooks and everything is working great so far. Read more at lizards.opensuse.org/2019/02/0

We have just published the first "Highlights of YaST Development" report of the year. Please, find it at lizards.opensuse.org/2019/01/3 /cc @opensuse

#Emacs is a platform for developing end-user applications with a text-based core11 This idea of a text-based core is something I’ll return to in a later article when I get the time. It’s a brilliant idea, and certainly not unique to Emacs.. The Emacs platform ships with a few built-in applications, such as: a calculator, a terminal shell, a file manager, a merge tool, and yes, a text editor


🤬 Maldita sea! Os amenazo con que mañana tendréis disponible un nuevo artículo en mi blog.

😡 Maldita sea! Será sobre #softwarelibre y la línea de comandos de #gnu #Linux

Cuando me daré cuenta de una vez que los blogs sobre GNU/Linux están muertos!!! 🙈

Lo peor es que hoy también he publicado un nuevo artículo sobre #KDE

Yo que tu no lo leería, ni lo compartiría ni na' !!

I had not used @kde for around one year but I have decided to give it a try these days on my . And I must say that I am really impressed. Thanks for such great work!


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